G.G Defense Systems Ltd, is an Israeli design-build defense contractor (with ISO 2008) that provides tailor-made solutions to complex protection applications, combining experience in force protection solutions and an extensive knowledge of materials and technologies.

Founded in 2007, G.G Defense Systems (http://ggds.co.il/en/) offers custom made solutions for various defense and HLS threats such as:

• Blast Mitigation (Up to 380 PSI*Msec)

• Ballistic Protection (EN-1522- Up to FB-7, EN-4569 Up to Level 5)

• Forced Entry Threats (vandalism, crime, massive terrorist attack…)

• Ramming Vehicle Threats (5 Ton Truck at 50Km/H)

Core Competencies

• Providing various tailor-made force protection solutions for buildings, infrastructures and other platforms: (blast, ballistics, forced entry)

• Offering live/field-tested products using full size blast & ballistic testing.

• Force protection Engineering & worldwide project management services.

Our Range of Products and Solutions Comprise:

• Force protection fenestration systems (ballistic, blast, forced entry)
Unique transparent armor of the highest levels (flat, curved)

• Unique, portable anti ram barrier (live-tested and certified against 7.5 ton trucks at 50 Km/h)

• Light composite armor (buildings, vehicles, aircrafts, marine vessels, containers…)

• Blast mitigating composite fabric (buildings, critical infrastructures, containers)

• Military and civilian personal protective equipment

• Tailor-made solutions

• Force protection consulting (blast, ballistic, force protection), survey reports.

Our clients:

Israeli Minister of Defense
Israeli Minister of foreign affairs
I.D.F (Israel Defense Forces)
Embassies in Israel and abroad

Major banks and private held companies world wideCore Competencies Providing with various force protection solutions for buildings (Blast, Ballistics, Forced Entry)
Military and civilian personal protective equipment Offering Live-testing programs with full-size blast & ballistic testing capabilities Force protection Engineering & project management services in various fields.

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