G.G Defense-systems ballistic plates are created by highly advanced composite materials like , Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene,Aramid and E-Glass Fibers.

The outcome is remarkably lightweight protection compliant with international ballistic standards such as the NIJ 010108, EN-1063 and STANAG 4569.

G.G Defense-systems composite armor materials are mainly used to protect light-medium armored cars, aircrafts ,ships, and buildings.

The composite materials can substitute steel armor plates (when weight is a vital issue) or can be supplied as a combined steel +composite material, thus reducing the original weight and thickness of the armor steel.

G.G. Defense Systems Ltd. offers offers four levels of ballistic protection to meet client needs. Armoring levels range from low-level handgun protection to ultra-high-level armor-piercing rifle protection :

Handgun/Pistol Protection – T4 (NIJ IIIA/European B4)

High-power Rifle Protection – T6 (NIJ III/European B6+)

Armor-piercing Rifle Protection – T7 (NIJ IV/European B7 Single-Shot)

Extra Armor-piercing Rifle Protection – T8 (NIJ IV+/European B7 Multi-Shot

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