Blast Mitigating Fabric

G.G Defense- Systems Blast mitigation fabric is a unique solution which helps protecting walls against blast hazards.

Tested in full scale blast tests our solution applied to inner or outer walls prevents concrete or masonry from collapsing in a case of a blast by dispersing the forces applied to the wall.

Our company offers full engineering, project management and training to our world wide clients to ensure our product full integration according to clients requirements.

Product features :

0 Withstands very high blast levels – 320 psi*msec (Impulse)

0 Ideal for retrofit projects and for protecting historical buildings.

0 Can be used to protect inner walls as well as outer surrounding walls (embassies, government buildings, etc..)

0 Can be employed easily to protect walls integrated with blast-proof windows

0 Can be used In oil refineries – to protect  from vapor cloud explosion threats.

0 Cost effective.

0 Environmentally friendly.

0 Porous material which prevent condensation and maintains area ventilation.

0 Can be easily painted with commercially available paints.

0 Fire retardant.

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