Military Body Armor

also known as a flak jacket (Layer explosion) is a sort of body armor worn from West, and is designed to protect the torso of the wearer. Bulletproof vests prevent damage to the various types of cold weapons. Mainly, vest designed to protect against weapons such as rifles, pistols, damage not directly explosives such as hand grenades, shells and more. it is worn by security forces, army and police, by bodyguards and dealing with the security issue if there is any danger to their lives.

how employees bulletproof vests?

bulletproof vest helps prevent penetration of the projectile into the body when the projectile hits the first layer of the hardest material of the vest, which is impenetrable bullet standard. Kevlar vest effective, Iifzr the force of impact over a larger area and thus the smaller the damage. bulletproof vests will be made in most cases-wadded Kevlar and contain metal plates such as titanium and iron. typically, bulletproof vests and shields only by shrapnel and bullets, but ceramic protective vests, hard more help also from bullets and from the top of shrapnel more sophisticated. wearing a bulletproof vest increases the chance of surviving a shooting attack and is the only effective means of protection in this attack.

range of technical textile products

you can find at GG a variety of advanced protection solutions for all and individual, including a shelter, building shelters mobility outside the home, building a lieutenant colonel, shielding room apartment and range of products in the field of technical textiles that help an individual to guard against attacks by shooting as bulletproof vests, vests, personal protective panels, veteran tactical carriers.

GG Keep up with the company and the various technologies and products meet the highest safety levels in the country and the world.

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