MAP is a highly efficient and cost effective fully mobile armor solution,
instantly creating a personal safety zone inside any vehicle.

MAP fits on any car seat. No structural changes to the vehicle are necessary.

The device fits onto any car seat as quickly and easily as a child’s safety seat.

MAP ‘s protects anyone sitting inside it as surely and as safely as if they were in a fully outfitted armored vehicle.

MAP is the perfect solution for enterprises and organizations operating fleets of vehicles which may not require permanent protection solutions,

but which do require quick fix protection solutions in any one of their vehicles at any given time, at extremely short notice.

MAP is easily and rapidly transferable from one vehicle to another,
making it an extremely efficient and cost effective solution.

AK-47       7.62x 39      ps1943 (MSC)

M-16         5.56×45       M 193

NATO         7.62x 51      M 80



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