Insulation Panels for the Mining Industry

G.G Defense- Systems is a leading manufacturer and global provider of customized Force Protection Solutions. Our products are used by different industries, corporations, non-governmental organizations, law enforcement, border patrol enforcement and other special security forces throughout the world.

G.G Defense- Systems also provides engineering services—specializing in logistics and technologically-advanced solutions. The company’s focus is developing innovative products, which are transformed to the precise practical solutions clients need.

An excellent example is the application of the G.G Defense- Systems Insulation Panels, which are commonly used to protect and reinforce masonry and concrete walls in historical building for preservation and renovation against blast hazards and earthquakes, to a new need: The unique product is integrated successfully in the Mining Industry to isolate (confine) certain areas when blasting, thus savings lives, mechanical equipment, and enabling the mines to isolate the ore to certain areas.

The unique Insulation Panels have the following benefits :

It is capable of withstanding extreme mechanical pressures (up to 320 Psi)
Very easy and rapid installation (by 3 persons)

Fast redeployment

Very light (weighs 1.8 Kg per 1 SQM)

Reduces substantially hazards from  flying ore debris

Can withstand various blasting cycles

Confine the ore in blasting better than any other solution

Very cost effective

Shorten the cleaning time after blasting

Comes in 10m long pieces with simple overleaping system

Flame retardant  and fungi resistant

Environmentally friendly

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